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Escort in Athens erotic story

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I cannot remember exactly the year, but when I was an escort girl in Athens, I earned a lot of money, because the economy and tourism was highly developed, and I have to mention, this capital city of Greece wasn’t invaded by low priced escort girls.

Like always, I was working with my agency, but I put some adverts by my own too, because I wanted to buy myself something precious. I won’t tell you a long story now, just about my meeting with an interesting guy.

Like I said, I put my adverts on few escort directories, my agency gave me a lot of work, but one day, in the evening, around 9 pm, a guy e-mailed me. He told me he is a business man, who is waiting me at his office, because I am the most beautiful escort girl he ever saw. He was very polite, he told me about his wishes, so I accepted to visit him in his office. He asked me to wear a short black dress and red lingerie, because he is like a bull, when he sees red, he becomes very, very excited. Also he told me I have to ask for the key from his secretary and I have to tell her I am his girlfriend. He was very excited about the fact I could present myself as his girlfriend. Challenge accepted.

I made everything as he wanted, because he was my client. He was sitting on his couch, waiting for me, he gave me the money and asked me to make him a striptease, but very slowly. I made him a very exciting pole dance as a bonus, because he was very cute with me, but when I started to undress him, he asked me to lay on his office desk and masturbate myself. I was playing with my wet pussy, while I was moaning, like a real porn star, but after 5 minute I asked him to lick my pussy. He came there in just few seconds, he started to lick my pussy, while I was moaning and playing with his hair, he pushed my head down to his dick, I unzipped his pants and I started to play with his tasteful cock.

After I good deep throat, when I thought he will come in my mouth, he asked me to stop and turn around. Few minutes, he fucked me like in my porn movies on the desk, I offered him the perfect porn star experience, I was moving my ass faster and faster, because I wanted him to come, he was moaning loader and loader, he pulled my hair, while he was fucking my wet pussy, finally he moaned a loud one and came. He was so nice, because he kissed me and he held me in his arms for a few minutes. So cute.

After this meeting, he became one of my regular clients, while I was touring in different countries all over Europe, he booked me many times, because he was a traveler too.

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